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Crown Courts, Government Leaders (UK) Police, Church - Schools -

Crown Courts, Government Leaders (UK) Police, Church - Schools -
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The world and many so called leaders are disgraceful, they make up the rules to suite themselves, full of corruption, not to be trusted.,

They seek out those that are innocent to use to fix their problems as they have no power to fix anuthing as they are agents of darkness 

They collude, orchestrate and manipulate for their own gain, however, whatever you seek to take or try to take from me, I can assure you it will cost you ten times more later on.

God is the all seeing God.

Those trash bags have the cheek to tell you to be early and to do this and that, who do they think they are telling me what to do. 

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There nothing but trash, stupid fools believing they know better, really.......

British People think they are smart but most of them are brain dead.

Now its damage limitation...

 I am fed up with these losers - I have had enough of those pilferers, thick, dumb bums..

Will I change, No as I am not the one that needs to change.

Unfortunately, throughout this ordel I am quite angry.

Only God can sort that out,

As the Queen said " I am not amused" Well, "I am not amused" 

As for having compassion for those that have selective hearing, deliberatly ignored me, colluded against me, pursued me and my family, lied on me/us, and more

Time has always been the Master...

My Life, is y Life, To live and enjoy without stupid racist, hassel from crazy fake people that are looking for money becuause they are really dead people waiting for the ground to open and swallow them up.


Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria ....Earthquakes, Fires  ... All in the Bible

All these failed systems.. Not much time to share

The Banks....Seem to be a bit pissed off these days... 

The mobile companies EE and many others like to play the customer but dont like to get played.;

The Government seems to be pissed off too.. Not sure how to Bre- a- k- it

Boris who helped you with your strategies? you spent too much time with David playing with your little peanuts and the pigs ....

Oh Gt Britian.. Lets keep on putting up all these new buildings and leave them empty

I have lost interest in all you fools...



Whats new on the block.... who is copying whom....Who needs to watch their back... 

Everyone  and I mean Everyone, the sun is shining and they think great were in control again. Really are you..

Whos is setting up who,. Who is knocking who's door, Who is flashing what now.... Better be careful who you go around upsetting.

So many dummies out their trying to manipulate one another 

I love to watch those fools that like to bully everyone becuase they have been bullied too, bunch of stupid fools....

Most of them are half - grown men White, black & others  think they have it going on.... 

If only they took a good look in the mirror....Maybe they would realise they have been Bewitched

The snake returns..... ohhhhh deeeeer

The church is waking up at long last. lets hope they have worked it out and they are not still serving Satan


Oh yeah ! Sexual Perversion  - WHAT IS IT AGAIN !

Sexual Sin - Leviticus


How can one clean up a mess when so many are going via the back door or they are either in the closet..

The government  are so funny........

Were has all that money gone!!!!!


Ask Barclays Bank!!!!!!




The latest discussion with the police seeking to use the Asian community to harass others - why do you think we are all Asians.... oops.. Got that wrong ......

Who Do I Trust?

  - Always evaluate those you have relationships with

Family, Friends, Colleagues, government staff   Fake Neigbours Scheming....

we,re living in Beautifiul Place -

The police have issues - violating peoples homes, Idiots  - Clueless - Jerks

 Don't know what their doing

Who instructed them to do this ????  The Shaddy Judges

Imagine what it would be like if your home was to be violated, Imagine how you would feel, Imagine what you would do,

Sacrifice something...

Experiment has been done 


Like!  Its time to steal back my money from those who stole from me 

 Who likes to steal keys from folk

Entering folks home for the fun of it.... 

 ..  Now what action am I gonna take......

Try Arresting my child again when Im not at home

I dare you!!!!! .

"Heavenly Father" Your word says - we must put on our Armour in the day of Evil

Enter in their homes and pay them a visit....

Time for pray - For pay back.. Time for Pray .. Time for pay back...

Too many STUPID fake police on the road - **** (O) is waiting for many of you

Need to clean up the place and recruit honest genuine officers....

Change them when they start getting rotten -  corrupt....

They want to be your friend -

Blind Bats - Satans servants


Police Review 

 Corrupted behaviour can be caused by the behavioural change of the officer within the department's "subculture".

 A subculture is a group of individuals within a culture that share the same attitudes, Vaues and beliefs.

Police officers within the department share the same norms and that new behavioural development can be attributed through psychological, sociological, and anthropological paradigms. 

Psychological paradigm: The psychological paradigm suggests that behaviour is based and structured through an individual's early stages of life.

Those attracted to the police occupation tend to be more "authoritarian". The authoritarian personality is characterized by aggressive, cynical, and rigid behaviours. They really mean people with Mental Health issues

Corruption may involve profit ( money) or another type of material benefit gained illegally as a consequence of the officer's authority.

Psychological corruption can be a part of a department's culture or from the certain individual.

Sociological paradigm: The sociological paradigm focuses on individual exposure to a police training academy, regular in-service training, and field experience all shape occupational character.

Police learn how to behave, discretion, morals and what to think from their shared experiences with other police officers. 

New recruits develop definitions with their peers either positive or negative. These definitions are then reinforced, positively or negatively, by the rewards or punishments (either real or perceived) that follow their behaviour. 

For example, a new recruit may be given an order by his peer to arrest an individual sitting in the passenger seat for something minor.

This action can end up negatively or positively. 

Anthropological paradigm: When an individual's social character is changed when an officer becomes part of the occupational culture.

The term culture is often used to describe differences among large social groups where they share the same beliefs, morals, customs, and other characteristics that set them apart from other groups. This could be secret societies known as cults and so forth.

 Within the police culture, officers learn to be suspicious of the public.

Police culture can also be quite racist, with assumptions about the criminal tendencies of certain minority groups, such as African Americans, or the competency of fellow officers from minority backgrounds, which can lead officers to make corrupt choices for personal benefits or gains.

Saying this we must also look at the groups these officers are working for, reporting to, the goals that have been set  so they can achieve their targets.

                             We are living in a world that is simple corrupt

WHY NOT TEST ME NOW THEN   oops who has upset who then!

Being pleasant, kind or caring towards other people seems to be seen as weakness

And then they ssek to take liberties and abuse - even the Judge plays the game too

 Fools with Faeces in your eyes

Well, as usual the police going around like wounded lost puppets seeking someone to help them!

Why do they need help - when your having fun doing ****

Creating fake stories and situations to get your way -

Reprobates  -  Chauvinist  - Washouts

They seem to have a lot of self esteem issues..

 your parents never loved you,

your wife found someone more interesting !!!!

Maybe she gets more benefit from using Anne Summers Toys...   

Now what can I say or do to help you out...

Go and see a shrink  - great advice what do you think....

oh you poor little fools - were are the toys that you threw out of your pram......

It amazes me how stupid people really are !

The police and a few other folk think they are in control of everything,

if you want a bit of the market you must get their permission.

Really!! They use intimidation and fear to create inferiority complex.


When they demand  to control what happens in the market, they then seek to hinder who are outside their dirty circle 

I am outside the circle and will have my way -

Well, I think the police need to think again

- like wise the government manipulating school systems causing the teachers in schools to share with the children dirty deeds,

whilst preparing them for awful futures -

 And what this hand shaking with the police means nothing -

it only allows us to validate who you are... 

90% of police are carriers of some trashy negative energy -  

There really serving satan but don't realise it  - Dirty Kops - Yeah Creed

Let's be clear this is not just the police, but the courts, the judges and local government leaders, workers who have created a lot of problems under the instructions of who?????? Muppetayres

Can we move forward - and create a better future?

are there any respectable people left out there?

We don't want those hiding under the radar -

 living like dung - Pocket fillers  

why not get on your bikes and take a ride....

Crash your bike on the way down slippery lane

called **** (o)..  The pit. 

No matter what  or how the saying goes  bad **** happens to bad rubbish!!!

Let's all watch and seeeeeeeeee

Trying to mess with meeee  - waaaaaiiiiiitttt  and cccccc

What's happening in the ..... USA those in authority creating problems as usual

The USA needs to get a grip and get over their crazy colour issues and mind games...  Americans need to recognise they are extremist in so many ways,  too much drink and drugs, like the gay life, or a bit of both, confused,  gun crazy, controllers manipulators, big mouths small brains,   fakers and takers, liars, they have too much junk in their trunks.

You leaders hiding behind the scene  manipulating negative outcomes  - idiots

Put crazy & money on hold and think about how to fix things and make things better for people

USA must try and reflect and acknowledge - in many areas they have excessive behaviour and are bit repulsive why not change this for the better

you have No respect for life... colour. People. each other at times you act like

Hilly Billys

oh what's this about police officer raping women in custody..... 

Fix it

Get it together - 

Your not as great as you think you are 

Shame on you........

We have observed that the police are employed at Schools,  

Church of England Masons

Academies - Abusive system 

Academies are police schools for FreeMasons - Have you got it

The plan to bring the Police into schools to profile Children was to decide were that child fits into their plan of abuse

We don't have guns but dumb British government setting up 'black' kids starting something that did not exist... let's see how that turns out.. 

The Teachers seem to be impressed with the style of teaching - which is non - however, they seem to enjoy these new changes that gives them autonomy to abuse.

Course work is slipping through the net....

They teachers previously behaved like puppets/zombies however, they are now in line and some are pursuing the new the perverted old masonic lodge order to which 70% off the people are new age trend setters 

These children many innocent until attending the school system being abused if you don't conform, mistreated by teachers, when you don't fit in or get  involved they put you in exclusion for weeks and then they seek to call the child vulnerable.

Strategy - What a cheek - ABUSE

Who came up with that idea?????

The local council authorities there attitude is to tell parents it's ok for their child to be excluded from class lessons/ activities for weeks on end.

if you fail to agree or fit in with the normal they create stories to corroborate with  the story line planned their personal agendas...

For those who have come against people like us, Lord you know who they are, have your way. you are Omnipitent & Omnipresent God your word is Just and True

  2 Chron, 20 

   The Bible tells us that the people asked for a Government to rule &

God gave them what they asked for..... I ask you heavenly father to rule again.

Rule over these strange people and show them who you are....  

God is omnipresent, he or she sees and is aware of everything.....

There are new leaders on the horizon and we thank you for some change..

We need to have positive change that can benefit everyone, We need to trust and respect each other, We need to realise satan's work is to destroy that which is good and to encourage that what is wrong.. 

We  need to wake up and stop being fools....

Money helps - but its not all about money.....

it's about having a peaceful, healthy, happy and pleasant life around nice people.

Let's hope we can still find some....

After observing this current messed up world we live in.....


We had a few Government Muppets or maybe I D I O T S is a more appropriate name.

These "boys" parents provided them with good education however, they only learned dirty games in the playground ....  when the chips are down they backstab each other...


As for the Bible it tells us- 

Any minister of the Gospel who involves themselves with the occult should beware  of the trouble that follows:

 Christians must avoid all association with them.

The difficulty is sometimes knowing who to be aware of -

Unfortunately, we are living in a world full of UGLY people -

They are at times

family members, colleagues in the workplace  in the church, your neighbours and friends

 At all times wisdom and discernment is required

...  walking  in love can at times be difficult but we need to love our families and pray that God teaches them how to love and care for each other

God says his children will know his voice.......

The bible says

Not everyone who says ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven

The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble.

We are not to conform to this world, but must be transformed by the renewing of our mind,by testing we will discern what is good, acceptable and the perfect will of God.

So much has happened - 

Every word written has to be said 

They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD…because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity. 

Behold, they hire of the labourers who have reaped down the fields, which is kept back by fraud, the unpaid and underpaid harvesters are also crying out to God, their cries entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

The Lord of Host has heard their cries. 

'Yea' the wicked rich have lived in pleasure on the earth, and wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.


As it is written in your word.

A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children, "for the wealth of the wicked has been laid up for the just, the uncompromisingly righteous".  The gift of God is not for low life masonic groups that pursue others to create wealth by any means necessary   -  

The enemies plan is to overthrow believers of God the father of Jesus Christ and deceive others into new age satanic living - Who are the best people to assist you in their ventures, The bible says the church will be shaken ...  well this has happened and what do we see - disgraced ministers who have joined in with the masonic lodge - they are still preaching - reflect on the 666 999 333 numerology is satanic. (So many of you hooking up with damaged police and the shameful court systems) what is it -deal or no deal - $$$$$$   ££££££.... Eur

Limitless God you are able to do all things, nothing is too hard for you - show yourself to be THE TRUE - LIVING GOD father of Jesus Christ.....

it is clear why one would or should be single because the sinful nature of man comes into play and the Masonic Lodge insists the man must put the wife in order and the man encourages the wife to follow his lead - to the **** hole. and most dumb men fail to see they are destroying the children and the family -they have no moral values, love for life and living.

Your word says - Blessed are the meek, those who depend on God for they shall inherit the earth and all its riches. (which implies God's goodness) 

Heavenly father give us strength as we wait for the fulfillment of your word.

The remnant lisen and follow the word and of God  -

The church and government leaders must refrain from systematic lies and decept we have had enough of walking down the dark slippery paths entering slippery rippling road of shame and disgraceful Antics. (what masons thrive on) They have no moral values whatsoever. 

I personally do not wish to hear from any leaders that act more like they are the God Father and not the Good Father.  

Some..... Good people have had enough of the NASTY, LOW LIFE, SMART DRESSED, DIRTY LIVING, PYThONS.  Those JUNKIES. MONEY LOVERS & DECEIVERS......

Were are our Kingdom Leaders gone....... 

Father remember the remnant, preserve respectable honest, leaders that are strong and can stand for your name without bending and destroying others faith in the process.

Increase those who have done well, as you did for job, remove those who abused the remnant that stood for and trusted in your name, preserve us so we can continue in your good name.

While we wait, who can we agree with - God the Creator

I will sit back and do what i need to do whilst waiting on God.....

Thank you Lord for all that you have done and continue to do

In your mighty name  we pray .  Amen


The Bible tells us to Pray for one another, especially those you're not too keen on -

we are to pray for those in trusted positions who seem to be focused on doing wrong

Many wear a collar - but are deceiver's, Wolves in Sheep's clothings

For -Woe unto the Shepherd that leads the flock astray

'Satan' is very busy -

But should we really pray for those that have been placed in trusted high positions of Leadership that have no interest in those they say they represent

When you pray your mind should be pure

 - God's gift are for the just and True

Many Church Leaders have become Money Lovers and no longer believe in  God

His Word is Just & True

However, the same goes for many Government officials? -  who are they?

They are MP's PM,s Presidents, Congress, Senator's, CIA, FBI, MI5. SPG....and the list goes on.....

The primitive Secret Societies - (Traditions) they call themselves Freemasons or The Blue Lodge, The Red...... KKK 

They believe they are the do-gooders of society however, the only good they are doing is for themselves lining their pockets any way they can - seeking out others to help them achieve their selfish Goal

These groups of people are ecstatic when they achieve their negative goal whilst manipulating negative outcomes for others. Let's hope they feel the same way when God Exposes their plans and the table starts spinning for their atrocties they did to others

They pursue and recruit whilst teaching others their dirty tricks using negative acts to engage many 

They  seek to gain access to your personal space by illegal forces and even, Astro Projecting,  to create fear, abuse, intimidate and more...

They use innocent children in some way or other

e.g. Trafficking, Sexually Acts, Sacrifice. Nero Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Trance and more however,  FRAUD was on the increase....-

Kids accounts have been compromised to move funds around transferring un-authorised funds 

It's all done internally though even when they try to make it look like one;s card has been cloned

- it's all happening  -  Not for long though......

Britian will wake up.....to the bull ****....

They now try to say pin numbers are copied by the network machines 

Yes really - cloned too is it....


The devil's agents seek to connect to those close to you ,  be prepared to let go of the un-fatithful one's

WHO IS BEHIND All THIS ****-  The POLICE need clear guildelines  -

what about - The court SERVICES - IS IT higher government - ThE judges oR...... 




I will continue to seek the father in heaven and walk in Spirit & in Truth

How dare the Church & Government insult The CREATOR 

Good Luck or should I say ......To all of You ..

Were are God's genuine real   - do they exist 

Who are our Heavenly Fathers Genuine Saints  

Do we need a Government like this or are they much of a much - Tarnished- not to be Trusted 

Daily we observe the Government  Puppets -

Praying for the Dead - Foolishness Necromancy   

 Money lovers & Haters of the planet and the People in it

They Love Money more than respecting human life -  The Root of  Evil -

 Educate yourselves -  What

God's View - , Crown Courts, Government Leaders (UK) Police, Church - Schools - συμβάν

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